Balloon Pop interactive games for EYFS and SEN

Balloon Pop interactive game for EYFS and SEN children. Pop different coloured balloons with a quick tap.
Butterfly Catch interactive game for EYFS and SEN children. Pick up the net and swipe around the screen to catch different coloured butterflies.
Match Animal Pairs interactive memory game for EYFS and SEN children. Tap cards to turn them over and try to match pairs of animals.
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Button magicwriter.png
Button Fish.png
Button Match Shape Pairs.png
Button remotebee.png
Button Glockenspiel.png
Button Shape Fit.png
Button Building Blocks.png
Button remoteufo.png
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Button digitalnumberlightbox.png
Button Leaves.png
Button shootingstars.png
Button Felt Tip Lids.png
Button Light Box Number Formation.png
Button Fireworks.png
Button Bubble Pop.png