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About Us

Hello, we are Mr and Mrs Goulden. We have both been teaching in Primary schools and leading Computing for over a decade. During Covid, like many, we were looking around to provide a variety of educational tasks for our 2 year old. Most subjects were easy enough to facilitate but we found that providing experiences similar to ones found in early years settings on interactive whiteboards was difficult. Most games (or their host websites) were full of adverts or they constantly redirected them to buying something, signing up for, or subscribing to - we didn't like this at all. So, using a bit of coding experience, we set about creating a couple of interactive, touch-screen games to teach our 2 year old the very basics of touch control. They loved it and wanted more! So we made more and then put them all on this website so that they could be easily accessed, independently. 

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We shared it with a few friends and family and they had their little ones playing on it too. Before we knew it, we had lots of other people playing too and decided to carry on making games long after lockdown. We are are still making games and now create them to foster independent use of IT which we feed into our EYFS curriculum. Our, now 4 year old still tests the games and provides us with very honest feedback about how good...or not so good they are!

Aims and Roadmap



We want to be up front about exactly what our intentions are. First and foremost, we are educators. Anything that can support schools in these difficult times is our top priority. The more we expand the site and can dedicate time to it, the more support we believe we can offer. 

No Adverts or Popups, ever!

We are taking a firm, moral stance that we will never expose children to adverts or popups on our site.

100% FREE educational games to explore and learn

We plan to continue to expand our range of free games regularly. 

Creation of a Play+ section - Subscription based

At the moment, we cover the costs of the website ourselves. As we will never use adverts to generate revenue, we are looking at creating a subscription section in order to cover the cost of the website. The Play+ will contain more games and for every free game we publish on Play, we plan to add two to Play+. Whilst we don't have an exact figure yet, we plan to charge a low annual amount as we want to aim to keep the costs low forever in the hopes that schools (and individuals) can continue to rely on us year after year.

EYFS Computing Scheme of Work

We plan to publish our EYFS Computing Scheme of Work which is built around the core Computing skills acquired through playing various games on our website in additional to a host of other technologies. In brief, the scheme will outline teacher led sessions, continuous provision activities, home learning opportunities and will list the objectives, skills and knowledge to be gained. Progression is key - Gouldentime games contain subtle progressive techniques that build the earliest Computing foundation skills - often without the user even realising.


Step 1: Tap to interact (Balloon Popping)

Step 2: Tap, hold and move (Leaf Blower)

Step 3: Tap and hold an object and move it around the screen (Butterfly Catch)

Step 4: Tap and hold onto an object and move it to a specific place (Pen Lids)

Custom Schemes of Work for schools

We have vast experience in creating Ofsted approved Computing schemes of work. Using many of the downloadable teaching resources found on this site (plus a plethora that aren't) we hope to offer help and advice to schools on how to provide the best education for their children when it comes to Computing.

Get in Touch

Please give us feedback about our games and resources. If you have any ideas about interactive games for children you'd like us to make or ways we can improve our existing ones, fill in the form below. Likewise, if you'd like to discuss supporting your school with Computing, please get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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