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Creating posters can be a relatively easy thing to do. Sometimes, we want to delve a little deeper and create dramatic looking posters. This involves teaching the children vital Computing/ICT skills across not just one program but several.

Use this step-by-step picture guide to create WW2 Propaganda posters. This activity uses tools from across two software programs: PowerPoint and Artrage (A free art program). The download link for Artrage is attached. If you aren’t able to use Artrage, then you can use the 10 painted backgrounds that are included in this purchase.


Included within this purchase:

  • A PDF copy of the guide to making Propaganda posters
  • 10 premade painted backgrounds
  • Copies of key clip art e.g. Uncle-Sam
  • Poster examples that can be shared with the children

Create your own World War 2 Propaganda Posters

  • PowerPoint and ArtRage (a free downloadable program) 

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